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Design is not solely about creating beautiful spaces but about creating surroundings that function

for the way you live and reflect who you are. I am passionate about interior design, architecture, art, antiques,

floral arranging, cooking and music. I believe good living is about surrounding yourself with family, friends

and the things you love and creating an environment in which you can enjoy them. 





Because I prize individuality, I begin each project by listening to my clients share their thoughts,

visions and ideas about the way they picture their homes and how they live in them. It is the collaboration

between Designer and client during which we gather ideas, share inspirations and begin to create personal

spaces. This is followed by a great deal of planning and decision making during which I use my design

training and many years of residential design experience to guide my clients. Drawings are completed including floorpans and elevations to help clients visualize the completed space, its scale, flow and function. Detailed drawings are completed of kitchen, bath, cabinetry  and lighting design. Surface materials , furnishings, and accessories are selected and followed to completion. I work closely with my client’s Architects, Contractors

and Cabinetmakers to ensure every detail becomes a reality making your home special,

just the way you and I have planned it together. 




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